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  1. Shapeshifter (feat. Styles of Beyond) [Zardonic & Pythius Remix] [Single]

  2. Uncrowned (Kaixo Remix) [Single]

  3. Enter the Unioverse (Single)

  4. Satellites (Remixed)

  5. The End of the World (HIGHSOCIETY Remix) [Single]
    Celldweller & Daedric

  6. Soul Parasites (Soul Extract & Void Chapter Remix) [Single]

  7. Baptized in Fire (Brighter Than a Thousand Suns Remix) [Single]

  8. Electric Eye (Prolix Remix) [Single]

  9. Satellites (Deluxe Edition)

  10. Star Wars Covers
    Celldweller & Scandroid

  11. Electric Eye (Single Edit) [Instrumental] [Single]

  12. Into the Void (Remix Contest Compilation)

  13. Satellites

  14. The Imperial March (Kaixo Remix) [Single]

  15. Clone (HIGHSOCIETY Remix) [Single]
    Teddy Killerz & Celldweller

  16. Baptized In Fire (Fight The Fade Remix) [Single]

  17. Baptized In Fire (Kaixo Remix) [Single]

  18. Clone (Single)
    Teddy Killerz & Celldweller

  19. Blind Lead the Blind (Toronto Is Broken Remix) [Single]

  20. Blind Lead the Blind (Single Edit) [Single]

  21. Frozen (Social Kid Remix) [Single]

  22. Demo Vault: Wasteland

  23. Demo Vault

  24. My Disintegration (Remix Contest Compilation)

  25. Baptized In Fire (Razihel Remix) [Single]

  26. Baptized In Fire (Instrumental) [Single]

  27. Baptized In Fire (Single)

  28. Into The Void (Formal One Remix) [Single]

  29. Into The Void (Sebastian Komor Remix) [Single]

  30. The Dunes (Original Motion Picture Score)

  31. My Disintegration (Becko Remix) [Single]

  32. Into the Void (SWARM Remix) [Single]

  33. Into the Void (Single)

  34. Breaking Point (feat. Robin Adams) [Single]
    Joe Ford & Celldweller

  35. A Matter of Time (The Browning Remix) [Single]

  36. A Matter of Time (Single)

  37. My Disintegration (Joe Ford Remix) [Single]

  38. My Disintegration (Single)

  39. Switchback (SayMaxWell Remix) [Single]

  40. Weapons of War: The Monster Within

  41. Remixed Upon A Blackstar (Instrumentals)

  42. Remixed Upon A Blackstar

  43. Cry Little Sister vs. Hello Zepp (Single)

  44. Shadow of Death (Single)

  45. Unshakeable (Formal One Remix) [Single]

  46. Birthright (Biometrix Remix) [Single]

  47. Red Zone

  48. I Can't Wait (The Qemists Remix) [Single]

  49. Louder Than Words (Neonlight Remix) [Single]

  50. Last Night on Earth (FreqGen Remix) [Single]

  51. Wish Upon A Blackstar (Remix Contest Compilation) [Digital Album]

  52. Purified (Sebastian Komor Remix) [Single]

  53. The Imperial March (Pegboard Nerds Remix) [Single]

  54. Ride of the Valkyries
    Klayton & Tom Salta

  55. Last Night on Earth (Nigel Stanford Remix) [Single]

  56. The Great Divide (Matt Lange Remix) [Single]

  57. Weapons of War [Digital Album]

  58. Debut Remixes Vol. 02

  59. Debut Remixes Vol. 01

  60. Beta Cessions: Demos & Rarities

  61. Electric Eye (Zardonic Remix) [Single]

  62. Growling Machines Remixes

  63. Offworld (Instrumentals)

  64. Offworld

  65. Electric Eye (Single)

  66. Terraform Drums Vol. 01

  67. New Elysium (Celldweller VIP) [Single]

  68. Celldweller Anthology

  69. Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 03

  70. End of an Empire (Remix Contest Compilation)

  71. Space & Time (Expansion)

  72. End of an Empire: The Remixes (Instrumentals)

  73. End of an Empire (Instrumentals)

  74. End of an Empire: The Remixes

  75. End of an Empire

  76. End of an Empire (Deluxe Edition)

  77. Blackstar (Original Score)
    Celldweller & Klayton

  78. The Imperial March (Single)

  79. The Lucky One | Gift For You | Tainted Remixes

  80. Celldweller 10 Year Anniversary Edition (Instrumentals)

  81. Zombie Killer

  82. The Complete Cellout Vol. 01 (Instrumentals)

  83. Celldweller 10 Year Anniversary (Deluxe Edition)

  84. Celldweller 10 Year Anniversary Edition

  85. Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 02

  86. Wish Upon A Blackstar

  87. Wish Upon A Blackstar (Deluxe Edition)

  88. Meteorite
    Tommy Noble + Celldweller

  89. Live Upon A Blackstar

  90. The Best It's Gonna Get Remixes

  91. I Can't Wait Remixes

  92. The Complete Cellout Vol. 01

  93. Eon Remixes

  94. So Long Sentiment Remixes

  95. Louder Than Words Remixes

  96. I Believe You Remixes

  97. Under My Feet Remixes

  98. Fadeaway Remixes

  99. Welcome To The End Remixes

  100. Afraid This Time Remixes

  101. The Last Firstborn Remixes

  102. Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Vol. 01

  103. Take It & Break It Vol. 03: Switchback Remixes

  104. Halloween Theme (Single)

  105. Take It & Break It Vol. 02: Frozen Remixes

  106. Take It & Break It Vol 01: Own Little World Remixes

  107. Symbiont Remixes


Celldweller Los Angeles, California

Klayton is...
-Circle of Dust
- FreqGen

Celldweller creates a fusion of digital and organic textures: intricately designed soundscapes constructed from Drum & Bass, Electro and Modular Synths, woven together with aggressive Rock, Metal and Orchestral elements.
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